Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gangjin Tea Caddies

Historically, the finest celadon in the world was produced in Gangjin, Korea.  More than 80% of the historic Korean celadon found in museums around the world was made in Gangjin.
Now through a special arrangement with a small group of celadon artists in Gangjin we are able to introduce a selection of beautiful tea caddies.
The tea caddies you find below are the prototypes for tea caddies from our Gangjin collection.  The artists who created them include Kim Yu-sung and Shin Byung-suk both of whom have won the coveted Grand Prize for their celadon at the International Gangjin Celadon Festival.  We are honored to have them participate in this project.
Each tea caddy is hand formed, hand decorated and double lidded to help preserve the freshness of the tea.  Two of the tea caddies use buncheong methods of decorating and are not strictly celadon.  All tea caddies can be made both decorated and without decoration. At the time of this posting, I have not yet received the sizes or costs but decided to create this post to get your reactions to the work.
Click on the image for a larger view.  Then use the back arrow to return to this page. Thank you for viewing these.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

A a
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A a Lids

B a

B a Lids

C a

C a Lids

D a

D a Lids

E a

E a Lids

F b

F b Lids

G b

G b Lids

H b

H b Lids

I b

I b Lids

J c

J c Lids

We hope that you enjoyed seeing these tea caddies.  Our Gangjin collection is just the first of several collections we will be offering.  I am in awe of the color these Korean artists are able to achieve in their celadon.  But we know that some tea connoisseurs prefer a more rustic look.  We are working on expanding our collection to bring you a great variety of high quality tea ware at reasonable prices. You may even see onggi offered here.   If you like the work we are trying to do please recommend us and this blog site to the teashop near you.  Then tell us you recommended them through the email you find on our profile page. 

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