Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Park Jong Il Teapot Sale: Autumn 2013

Have you been waiting to get a 
Park Jong Il teapot?  
Wait no longer !!

This is the first of two posts on Park Jong Il's tea ware.
Ever since I introduced Park Jong Il’s tea ware to the Western tea world they have been gaining in popularity.  A number of tea connoisseurs have purchased two or more of his teapots.  European blogs are borrowing and translating my posts on him as he continues to grow in popularity internationally.  I’m particularly pleased that Asian tea folk are finding his work through me.  But of course that is who Park Jong Il sells more of his tea ware to, so that should not come as a surprise.
A tea connoisseur recently commented that he has reduced his use of YiXing teapots because the Park Jong Il teapots are so much more “alive”.  A tea master in Korea told me that Park Jong Il’s unglazed teapots, either white or dark, are better than either China’s Yixing or Japan’s Bizen tea ware.  I’m not making that claim because like tea a teapot must also suit your personal taste.  I’m just happy that Park Jong Il is being appreciated by many of you internationally.  If this is your first Park Jong Il teapot, you won’t be alone.

I thought about calling this the cell phone text sale or the email sale.  I found these method of offering work a great way for you to select the work you want in a more personal manner.

Just email me to let me know you are considering getting a tea pot by Park Jong Il.  In that email let me know if you are located in the USA and will accept text messages on your cell phone. If so include your phone number.  If not or if you are in another country, we will use email or discuss other options
Let me know the type of work you are seeking.  I’ll take images of the work I have here that might interest you and send them to you as text messages or by email. 
We’ll decide a mutual time to ‘chat‘ about the work while I continue to send you other tea ware images you would like to see and answer any questions you may have.  This type of sale is much more personal.
This sale has ended but contact us for the current sale.
I often have Park Jong Il's teaware in stock.
We always give great prices.
The teapots illustrating this post are for sale.  We have a number of cups including ‘Gqey-yl’ that will go with any teapot.  We are very limited on white pitchers and cups.
For your information, I'll be presenting a similar offering on Park Jong Il's chawan and his "da-hae" sets.
We have a new Facebook page.  Please 'like' us on Facebook. We also have a website that attempts to combine the work found on most of my blogs. Check here to go there.

The inside of a Park Jong Il Teapot

Some tea ware we offer is only to retail shops.  Introduce us to your regular land teashop and we'll gift you some tea or even tea ware if they buy from us. 


  1. That first one is very interesting looking. It looks like the glaze was sprayed on the teapot?

  2. Hi Dawson, Thanks for commenting. I wish others would do more commenting.
    As for that teapot 'A', it is partially glazed on the outside but I doubt that it was sprayed. He has been experimenting with some interesting glaze solutions and even some forms that I haven't shown yet. Some are actually pretty wild. You wll note that I'm not showing any of the buncheong like you recently obtained. I have one left.

  3. Hi I stumbled on your blog here and think these are beautiful tea pots. Question: why do you think it's better than other pots? what is this made of ? are there photos of inside? are their holes so leaves do not pass while pouring? how to clean? thank you.

  4. Hi Gloria, Thanks for your questions. It gives me the opportunity to try to explain Park Jong Il’s teapots a little more. I'd like to do so in reverse order or saving your best question for last.
    5. How to clean?
    Park Jong Il teapots are made with very special clays.
    Rinse inside with hot water.
    Wipe outside dry with soft cloth.
    That's it!
    Never use soap, cleansers or scrubbing brushes on a Park Jong Il teapot.
    4. Are their holes so leaves do not pass while pouring?
    Yes. See new photo added to the post.
    3. Are there photos of inside?
    Yes. See new photo added to the post.
    2. What is this made of ?
    A blend of Korean clays selected by the artist for their special properties. They are fired in a wood-fired kiln. You can learn more about Park Jong Il beginning at this link. http://morningcranetea.blogspot.com/2010/01/tea-ware-artists-tea-gallery.html
    1. Why do you think it's better than other pots?
    The selection of a ‘better’ teapot is both subjective and objective. Objectively, all acceptable teapots must function properly. I won’t go into the objective criteria of an acceptable teapot since that would at least take a full blog post. Notice I didn’t say ‘good’ or ‘better’ just acceptable i.e. functional.
    Subjectively, I’d like to quote from someone else who is writing about some Park Jong Il Teapots.
    Adam Yusko, a tea connoisseur recently posted a picture of his set of Park Jong Il teapots on my Facebook page and said:
    "My favorite set of Korean teaware! This may sound odd but I find Korean tea and teaware much more 'pure' than its Chinese, Japanese, or Taiwanese counterparts." In a later comment he wrote: "To expand on my original post, I almost find when enjoying Korean tea with Korean Teaware," (specifically Park Jong Il’s in this case) "you enjoy it as it would have been half a century ago if not more."
    This past year, I have been selling a number of Park Jong Il’s teapots to customers who are Chinese and living in the USA, Australia and Singapore. Some have said they prefer Park Jong Il’s teapots above YiXing.
    Still, in all honesty, you asked “Why do I think Park Jng Il’s teapots are better than other teapots?” I think his teapots are among the best teapots available. They begin to fill a void in available teapots of this quality. But the term “better” is subjective so I really can’t use it in talking about anyone’s teapots, even Park Jong I’ls really wonderful teapots. That is a decision that must lie within the consumer not me. I just want to make the best teas and the best teaware I can acquire available to you. I can say Park Jong Il is one of my favorite teapot artists and a very close friend. His teapots are exquisite.

  5. The link to the facebook page will get you to a post on Park Jong Il. In the comments and in and earlier post you will find a link to him on another blog.